Scitoflow is where we explore the behind-the-scenes processes of doing science. The boring, the tedious, the things you don't hear in the news, theā€¦ Oh, you want fun? Curiosity is the fun here!

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The show

This show is all about the processes and operations behind science. How they differ across groups, the motivations behind them, or how to improve them. We're looking for the power-ups that get the scientists into the FLOW!

The topics

Here's a taste of the topics we may explore:

How do you come up with hypotheses to test? Is it done systematically, or ad hoc? How do you capture and share the learnings from (in)validated questions? Is the knowledge centralised by single person, or group, or is it effectively disseminated?

How do you apply for grants? Do you put everything on a single large project, or several smaller? Do you write proposals ad hoc, continuously, or do you have a dedicated period every month / quarter / year? And do you keep it in spreadsheets, or do you assume you've been rejected unless you hear back?

How do you review manuscripts or student submissions? Do you do a single pass, or two, or three? At what time of the day do you read them? How do you retain the information?

How many undergrad-hours does it take to fulfil a request in labs that make use of students to provide services? Is it more efficient to let undergrads do it, or to outsource it to a different lab? Is there a quality control in place?

The host

I'm Juro Oravec. I'm a biotechnologist turned software developer. I've been at many facets of research, working at a drug discovery startup, a EU's Horizon 2020 bioinformatics research project, or collaborated with a Scottish contract research organization. I've been at DTU Biosustain (that's Danish Tech Uni) and studied at the Uni of Edinburgh (UK). And for some time I was working on a software-for-life-science startup.

I'm fascinated by the role that innovation and tech plays for humanity. We often pose academia and industry as the polar opposites, but I think they're closer than it seems.

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